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This is one of the finest photography guides I’ve ever read. Most photo guides dig into the technical specifics, which is certainly needed for professionals — but what if you aren’t a professional? And don’t need to become one? This is the book for you. And me! Each page offers a (beautiful!) sample photo at the top, and then below, the helpful text explains how to achieve the look seen above. It’s written in personal, friendly, easy-to-understand English. I love the composition chapter, for instance, which explains on one page, “Avoid Junk Around the Edges,” and on the next, to “Simplify the Scene.” The advice on how to take tourist-free photos was also remarkably easy to use — wake up early! Each page offers easy, simple advice that, despite its simplicity, has elevated my photography remarkably. Each chapter offers worlds of real-life experience, easily read, absorbed, and put to use.