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Mini Rainbow Balloon Arch

This cute little balloon arch would dress up any birthday party table!

The Little Book Of Rock Painting

My daughter loves rock painting. It's a way for her to practice painting, doing henna designs, painting her (and her friends') nails, etc. So she's loving this book which offers friendly and engaging instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow, along with...

Royal Stickers, Origami And More Dover Craft Book Reviews

This wonderful, full-color activity book is what children can only wish their worksheets in school were like. They're exceptionally well-designed, with great use of color, with professional and engaging illustrations throughout. The activities are truly fun and would...

DIY Folding Bar

Woodcraft is sharing an awesome DIY folding bar that is perfect for spaces big and small. You can make it from from just a few pieces of scrap wood and a few supplies. This fun weekend project is such a great idea for outdoor...

Every Little Thing Coloring Book

First things first: Every Little Thing Coloring Book has nothing to do with the song by The Police (lol!). Instead, it offers a wide range of little, hand-drawn animals, plants, foods, and other everyday objects and shapes. The outlines are just that -- simple...

Cute Crafting Books!

What mosaic is to painting, and origami is to sculpture, quilling is to wrought iron or bas-relief sculpture. It is a Renaissance crafting activity which, nowadays, revolves around using long, inexpensive strips of paper sold wherever crafting supplies are found. The...

Easter Terrariums

Use tiny trinkets to create these Easter decorations in glass jars! orientaltrading