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Adventure Time Crafts

Given that I have two avid Adventure Time fans in my home who also happen to be crafters, I knew that Adventure Time Crafts would be a big hit. It actually ended up being even more fun and cute than we had expected and I think my kids were pretty much thrilled to see...

Macrame, Origami And Milliner Book Reviews

True Story: Before I left for a job overseas, a friend of mine told me he was thinking of making hats to sell at a boutique in Hollywood. I thought it a little odd, but it seemed harmless, so I encouraged him and left. When I returned, I found his hats had become the...

Polymer Clay Fun Book Reviews

My daughter has gotten quite good at making little clay figurines, foods, and more. She's getting a little older now, though, so I thought she might want to use her creations to make some simple jewelry for herself and her friends, and wow, that was a good guess. So,...