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Cats In Paris Coloring Book

A few members of my close relations (I'm not naming names) are completely obsessed with cats. Old comfortable cats. Young frisky kittens. Their's. Others'. Yours and mine included. If that sounds familiar, Cats in Paris is the ultimate coloring book. The illustrator's...

Creative Lettering And Beyond Review

In the area where we live, there are several small workshops/factories who produce interior design decor. Much of what they do revolves around the re-emergence (after many years) of lettering in wall art. As a work-a-day graphic designer, who often incorporates...

Easter Mesh Wreath

Learn how to make a gorgeous wreath for Easter, all with materials from the Dollar Tree!

Cats In Origami Book Review

My daughter loves both cats and origami, so she's been having a great time trying out these adorable crafts. The book itself is softcover, with a clean-and-clear layout, step-by-step descriptions, color diagrams, and plentiful photos. It features both sitting and...

How To Color Like An Artist

I've gotten many all-ages coloring books over recent years, but over time, have become a little frustrated with the my own coloring and the colored versions often shown on coloring book covers. My coloring is, too often, flat with single colors, uneven tones, and the...