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Easter Terrariums

Use tiny trinkets to create these Easter decorations in glass jars! orientaltrading

All Lovely Things

The author of All Lovely Things reminds us how much more an object in our lives can mean than what it seems. We live in a world with natural and manmade objects all around us and they definitely impact our lives in many way. I can really relate to the premise,...

Learn To Paint In Acrylics With 50 Small Paintings

Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 Small Paintings is, perhaps, the most practical art book that I've seen. It starts with some basic color and artistic principles and practices to help beginner painters learn not just how, but why they would paint what where. It then...

Capture The Moment

Capture the Moment is an amazing how-to for photographers, and anyone who loves beautiful and striking photos of home and family life. The lovely photos are shared by members of the popular community of women photographers. Yet what is most remarkable...

How To Tint Mason Jars

Using food color is a super fast and easy way to tint mason jars for decor! How to Tint Mason Jars

1000 Quilt Inspirations

I have been a lover of quilts my whole life, since I was a young child and I would sit and watch my grandma sewing on her large frame that filled up her front room. I love looking at different styles of quilts and in 1000 Quilt Inspirations there's a lot to enjoy! I...

Fun Doodling Books

Doodling for Fashionistas is a fun and funny drawing book for young people. It offers examples and teaches simple doodling-level illustrations that anyone could draw and enjoy. The illustration style is one of cute abstraction, and is actually quite clever. It starts...

Life In Color & God’s Grace

This is a well-made, spiral bound journal with lined pages alongside various cute and ready-to-color illustrations. My daughter is enjoying coloring, doodling, and writing down her thoughts, goals, and progress almost daily. She often colors a bit then, as she...

Sweet Crochet

I only know the most basic crochet, so I'm really starting from square one, but Sweet Crochet includes a section of all the information I need to expand my skills and be able to make all of the cuteness in this book. I'm starting with the fun plate of sushi and then...