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Easter Mesh Wreath

Learn how to make a gorgeous wreath for Easter, all with materials from the Dollar Tree!

Cats In Origami Book Review

My daughter loves both cats and origami, so she's been having a great time trying out these adorable crafts. The book itself is softcover, with a clean-and-clear layout, step-by-step descriptions, color diagrams, and plentiful photos. It features both sitting and...

How To Color Like An Artist

I've gotten many all-ages coloring books over recent years, but over time, have become a little frustrated with the my own coloring and the colored versions often shown on coloring book covers. My coloring is, too often, flat with single colors, uneven tones, and the...

Fantastic Origami Kit Reviews!

This is a delightful set which features games and activities you, and your children, can assemble and play with -- all through the wonders of origami. The games and activities include things like a mini bowling set, catapults, jumping frogs games, finger football, and...

‘Tis The Season To Be Felt-y

I loved the authors' previous felt crafting book for the holidays, so I was excited to see their new ideas in ’Tis the Season to Be Felt-y. I have a stash of felt that my kids and I use for all kinds of creations, it's so easy to use and fun to work with. There's so...

Super Cute Origami Kit Review

This is a delightful origami set, with a cute and helpful book, and hundreds of decorating stickers, sequins, rhinestones, and more. The book itself is the same size as origami paper -- with dozens of sheets included in this set, as well. I found the book to be...