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The Complete Book Of Fashion History

Don't let the charming illustrations or the engaging infobytes fool you, The Complete Book of Fashion History offers a real introduction to the history, geography, styles, and stylemakers of fashion. Fun and easy to read, it offers the reasons why specific fashions...

Create-Your-Own Handmade Christmas Cards

It's part coloring book and part holiday greeting card set, I think Create-Your-Own Handmade Christmas Cards would make a wonderful pre-holiday gift, for yourself or for others! The drawing style is fun, well-designed, and easy to color. There are 30 cards to color,...

The Hand-Stitched Surface

Working in the design field for many years now, I've noticed that folksy fonts and typefaces, often with purposely imperfect, hand-drawn illustrations, are the dominating design trend today. They are everywhere, and for good reason, too -- they're fun, authentic,...

Gorgeous Paper Succulents

The super talented Jen from Craftic shows us how to create our own beautiful succulent plants with paper! They turn out perfect and the fact that they don't require any sun or water makes them even better!

Knit, Crochet And Quilt

Shawls and wraps are so nice to grab and throw on when I need to warm up or curl up on the couch with my favorite show or book. Modern Crocheted Shawls and Wraps has so many lovely examples of them, too. There's a wide range of styles, some more light and airy and...

Cloud Sketching

My daughter loves to doodle, which is great, although she generally draws the same things over and over. She loves to take photos, too, though lately, that's mostly been photos of clouds, which are lovely. She's really enjoying Cloud Sketching. The lavishly...