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A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book

I love looking at old photos, it's one of my favorite things to do. Nowadays, taking personal photos has seemed to just skyrocket over the last several years, with cell phones making it so easy to take them and social media making it so easy to share them. I love how...

Painterly Days

This is a unique coloring experience, printed on thick paper intended for watercolors. The patterns on each page run through a range of modern and ancient designs, each rooted in a standard design, yet rendered with an interpretive twist on each. They're quite lovely....

DIY Fragrant Wreath

Making your own wreath is easier than you may have thought! Check out how to create this gorgeous fragrant wreath from Houzz.

Manga Art

This is sure to be enormously appealing to fans of Mark Crilley's famous YouTube channel. It is a sort of dream project for Crilley, who started his wildly popular YouTube channel over ten years ago. Although there are numerous prompts and tips throughout, since his...