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The Flower Workshop

When I was young, I took a floral arranging mini-course at a local community college. I learned about favorite flowers, keeping things balanced, and how to arrange flowers similar to my local supermarket. When I saw The Flower Workshop, I could see that it could take...

Amazing Origami Books

My daughter, who is quite a crafter, has always loved butterflies. There's something magical about such a simple and blobby-looking bug transforming into something so intricate and beautiful. She's loving this delightful origami butterfly kit. The papers are lovely...

Wood Pallet Wonders

I live in one of the country's leading furniture making areas. It's all pretty upscale and lots of my family members have all worked for one or more of them at one time or another. One of the big secrets they all share, though, is that the reclaimed and distressed...

Lettering And Origami Books

Years ago, I had carefully compiled a truly remarkable library on calligraphy and lettering. I practiced often and learned so much. But then, we lost those books in a move. I left off practicing and tried not to think too often about that loss. And that's why I'm so...

Country Coloring

For anyone lucky enough to live in a rural area, or just admire that way of life, the Country Life Coloring Book is a real delight, and overall, it's one of the best coloring books I've ever seen. It features all-original drawings, with each animal, pattern, sign, or...

Paper Jewelry

Paper Jewelry is filled with creative and fun ways to repurpose all kinds of materials. Some of them took me back to my time spent at Summer camp, like the magazine bead necklace and there's so many ideas for recycling things I wouldn't have thought of into jewelry,...

Cards That Wow With Sizzix

I love cardmaaking, it takes me back to arts and crafts class at school (my favorite class by far!). Cards That Wow with Sizzix is filled with gorgeous cards and has given me lots of inspiration, especially for the holidays, which is the main time I end up making...

Jelly Bean Branches

Here's a sweet way to decorate your Easter table! Just add Jelly Belly's to branches with hot glue! These would work well laid in the center of the table, too! Source: Pinterest