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Cards That Wow With Sizzix

I love cardmaaking, it takes me back to arts and crafts class at school (my favorite class by far!). Cards That Wow with Sizzix is filled with gorgeous cards and has given me lots of inspiration, especially for the holidays, which is the main time I end up making...

Jelly Bean Branches

Here's a sweet way to decorate your Easter table! Just add Jelly Belly's to branches with hot glue! These would work well laid in the center of the table, too! Source: Pinterest

Armed Forces Origami

Armed Forces Origami is a wonderful gift for boys (or girls!) of all ages who enjoy origami and have an interest in vehicles generally, or the armed forces. I think that making just one of the jets, alone, would make any boy the hero of his peers. The black-and-white...

Coloring Ocean Mandalas

I grew up near the ocean, and actually lived for a while in the South Pacific, so I really like Coloring Ocean Mandalas. It has lovely designs, all in a circular style, and is good for relaxing. But mostly I enjoy the various nautical designs and themes throughout. My...

Crafting With Wood Pallets

I've seen lots of great projects on Pinterest for using pallets and they look great, but I wasn't sure how to actually make them. Crafting with Wood Pallets includes 26 fantastic and fun projects which use wood from pallets with a built-in used wood look. So far, I've...

The Time Chamber

I was happy to see that Daria Song is back with another stunning, next-level coloring and story book, The Time Chamber! This sequel of sorts to her gorgeous book, The Time Garden, takes children of all ages on a magical dream journey with the help of our little fairy...