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Making Art From Maps

My daughter's new husband really loves old maps, so she wanted to surprise him by decorating the office in their new home with maps, and so I got her Making Art From Maps. It's a serious walkthrough of a wide range of decorating styles and approaches, from elaborate...

Quilling, Baby Knits Book Reviews, Plus More!

This is an intriguingly helpful book of hundreds of specific techniques, principles, tools, and tips which every established artist would be delighted to revisit and any new artist really ought to learn as early as possible. The book itself is divided up into 20...

DIY Chewbacca Doll

Get a free pattern from Draw Pilgrim to make this adorable Star Wars cuddly Chewbacca doll! Much better to snuggle with than a teddy bear!

Melissa Leapman’s Designer Crochet

I'm really loving all of the great looks in Melissa Leapman's Designer Crochet! Lots of lovely and modern crochet ideas to choose from, including hats, purses, scarves and even jewelry. I appreciated the illustrations of how to do different stitches, it helped me to...

Vintage Sparkle

I'm really enjoying making the little, modern geometric fold-it-yourself boxes in Vintage Sparkle! They come with gold strings for hanging on the holiday tree or they would also be perfect as tiny gift boxes, too. I think they could look really pretty as a party table...

Learn To Knit, Love To Knit

My tween daughter had been asking me if she could learn how to knit and even though I had learned at her age, I thought I needed some extra help in explaining the steps to start out. So, I got her a pair of medium sized needles and this book to get her going. I loved...

Stitched Blooms & Journal Your Way

I've been using embroidery to embellish all kinds of items since I was a child. Actually, my daughter has caught on to that idea, too, and like me, she loves to add little touches to pillow cases, bed sheets, t-shirts, fabric bags and more. It's so fun to have a...